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In most riads or hotels that serve food but no alcohol, explicitly asking for a bottle of wine will magically make it appear 20 minutes later, though with a markup of at least 100%.In general, the quality of their work is decent, but you can try to ask some locals for advice and recommendations.Camper vans are acceptable (but they must look like a camper van), but other commercial vehicles might get turned around and prevented from travelling onwards.Put on a smile and greet everybody that greets you, but still be firm if you are not interested.Auberge are very comfortable, small and usually family run and owned.All major cities have language centres, and some will even arrange homestays with an Arabic-speaking family during your course.Hotels in Morocco are a matter of choice and fit every budget.Pastilla is a popular delicacy in Morocco: Pulled meat in a flaky dough, topped with sugar and cinnamon.

More information on available services, coverage and roaming partners are available at: GSMWorld.Popular hammams are often only identified by tiles around a door and entrance way.Tarifa has a similar service to Tangier and this is the shortest and fastest route, just 35 minutes.

Note that local agencies usually require you to have a working phone.Although sometimes the offer is more of a lure into a shop than a hospitable gesture, it is polite to accept.

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Luxury buses operated by CTM are also inexpensive and offer an easier travelling experience than local buses.This is especially dangerous at sunset, when you (and they) are blinded by the low sun, and at night, when they appear seemingly out of nowhere in dark djellabahs.The press is mostly state controlled even though there are free newspapers, and clampdowns have occurred following criticism of the authorities or articles concerning the Western Sahara situation.In roundabouts, one can count on people in outer lanes cutting off those in inner lanes.

At the end of the month is the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, when practically everything closes for as long as a week and transport is packed as everybody heads back home.Avoid any food that is not prepared when you order it (e.g. buffets). Usually fried and boiled foods are safe.Oncoming traffic will signal with wide beam if there is danger ahead (police, potholes, accident).Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast.Europlugs are included in most international plug adapter kits.There are several ferry connections to Morocco, mainly from Spain.

Pay attention to what the car in front of you does, chances are, the driver knows the road better than you.Anti-cholera vaccination certificates may be required of visitors coming from areas where this disease is prevalent and pets need a health certificate less than ten days old, and an anti-rabies certificate less than six months old.Because coastal towns and villages are the destinations of choice for Moroccans to escape the heat from July to early September and because most Moroccans prefer furnished apartments over hotels, those towns are swamped with apartments.There are three daily departures from Tangier, bound for either Oujda or Marrakech, although all of them can be used to reach either destination as there are corresponding trains in Sidi Kachem using the opposite branch of the train coming from Tangier.You can either choose the buses for tourists with air-conditioning and a TV.While these men can often be harmless, never accept drugs or other products from them.Most urban locals you meet will be trilingual in Moroccan Arabic, standard Arabic and French, but only speak French to foreigners and never among each other.Because nobody seems to be following rules, everybody is always expecting erratic behavior from other drivers and one thus encounters less accidents than one would expect.

Compare and book your KLM flights and view our special ticket deals and last minutes.Also you can find local judeo-berber vodka, mild anise flavored and brewed from figs (beware, though, none is produced legally and quality control is non-exitent - if it the taste reminds you on furniture polish, stay away).You can enter via ferry or via the two only open border posts on land connected to the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.The Travelers Collection Morocco Discover great deals and savings on travel at 24.They are not very comfortable, but you can get in contact with the local people and learn a lot about the country.In the 5th century CE as the Roman Empire declined, the region was invaded from the north by the Vandals and later the Visigoths.

Grand taxis can also be hired for approximately the price of two petit taxis for shorter trips.It must also be said that, as is true for buyers, not all sellers are actually very good at what they do.Non-Muslims are exempt from this, but should still refrain from eating or drinking in public as this is considered very impolite.Planes of the flag carrier Royal Air Maroc at Marrakech airport.

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Food and Drink: Avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables that you can not peel.

After Miknasa broke off relations with the Fatimids in 932, they were removed from power by the Maghrawa of Sijilmasa in 980.It is sometimes available as a starter on demand, but the real thing is the size of a proper pie and takes hours to prepare.If you want to take a commercial vehicle, and there is more than one person travelling, it may be worthwhile if a French-speaking person travels to any international border with Morocco of your choice and meets with the head of Customs before you bring in a commercial vehicle.These fresh crusty baguettes are stuffed with any number of fillings including tuna, chicken, brochettes and a variety of salads.Plan to spend at least a few days wandering the huge maze of souks and ruins in the medina.

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However you are travelling, work out which direction you are heading and where the sun will be for the majority of your trip and choose a seat on the shady side.Some travellers have also had problems with unrefrigerated condiments (such as mayonnaise) used in fast food outlets.